3rd Edition (2023)

The 3rd edition of this International Workshop on Active Matter for Soft Robotics was organized by Waseda University in Tokyo, on June 6th 2023.


Assoc. Prof. Yuya Morimoto, Biohybrid softrobot consisting of cultured muscle tissue

Prof. Atsushi Shimojima, Photo-induced bending of ordered inorganic-organic hybrid materials

Mr. Yuki Hagiwara, Versatile high-speed crystal photoactuators based on resonated natural vibration

Prof. Kenichi Oyaizu, Introduction to Nano-Energy Unit of the TGU Program

Mr. Renke Liu, Application of SMA wire to robotic actuation

Ms. Tamako Suzuki, Observational analysis of Marangoni convection in a self-propelling alcohol droplet

Mr. Kazuki Ishizaki, Material design and condition optimization for generating higher force of photomechanical crystals using machine learning,

Mr. Takashi Ueno, Fabrication of crystal-polymer hybrid photoactuators

Mr. Shodai Hasebe, Development of high-speed crystal actuators driven by the photothermal effect

Prof. Pierre Lambert, Perspectives for Soft Robotics Technologies